Our Story

Taking Hyderabadi Biryani To Places

Three Engineers with an irrevocable love for Biryani and passion for food set off on a dream to introduce the world, the best Hyderabadi Biryani ever.
The name Dum Matka originates from the words DUM meaning, the traditional way of cooking biryani, rather called Dum Biryani and MATKA meaning a Mud Pot. it's Dum Biryani traditionally served in a Matka.
A saviour thus in its all true sense for Indian and Hyderabadi food lovers takes off its journey of success with just one small outlet in Mumbai. No sooner than this that the brand has seen astounding success and turned out to be the best Biryani ever in the city of dreams.
Our traditional way of cooking, authentic spices and added flavour of love had done magic over everyone who visited Dum Matka, helping us spread our wings across continents. Today, Dum Matka has about 8 branches across the world with six in Mumbai one in Melbourne, Sunshine and now in Collingwood.
Good food indeed is the way to everyone's heart and Dum Makta has proved it all right.We extend our gratitude to everyone who's been with us in this journey and helped us grow in the blink of an eye. It's been a truly wonderful journey and we see many more coming.
Good food, great taste, best service is what we strive for every day and assure an experience worthwhile every time you visit us. And that's Dum Matka for you!